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Human Resources Development

Chief Telecommunications Engineers (National Certificate)/
    Installation Technicians (National Certificate)

The skill set required to Engineers is getting more sophisticated while networking technology is advancing and getting more complicated

We are executing qualification examinations for "Chief Telecommunications Engineers" and "Installation Technicians" twice a year for each category as the Designated Examination Body according to The Telecommunications Business Act.

We exert ourselves for the growth of the telecommunications specialists by developing the implementation plans of the exams adding to the execution; public notification and dissemination and working on registration activities.


eLPIT is the online training curriculum started in 2006 approved by The Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications for those who are preparing for the national examination "Installation Technicians."

eLPIT optimizes all courses for the acquisition of the qualification from the learning of the basics to the technologies, theories, and law. It is the e-learning program you can learn wherever you are, and you can take the final examination at around 150 sites across the country. The average percentage of those who admitted to the license is higher than the ordinal ratio fo the state examination.

Telecommunications Engineers (Certification of JADAC)

The article 38, paragraph 2 of the Rules for The Installation Technicians requires efforts of The Installation Technicians for improving their knowledge and skills. We have created the original certificate "Telecommunications Engineers" to meet the requirement. You can quickly enhance them by using the annual renewed textbook and training you can practice at home, or in your office. Herewith you can receive higher reliance and evaluation from your customers and in your organization.

Training for the Chief Telecommunications Engineers (Authorized Training Entity)

Japan's legislative rule, the article 49, Paragraph 4 of The Rule for The Chief Telecommunications Engineers, enacts that "Telecommunications carries, which have appointed the chief telecommunications Engineers, should receive the training by the authorized training bodies within a year after the appointment regarding installation, maintenance and operation of the telecommunications facilities of the telecommunications operators."

We are the first authorized training body for "Chief Telecommunications Engineers" of the country that has certified by The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. We provide them with courses by supreme lecturers registered by the ministry, using textbooks approved officially.

Security and Data Protection

 Japan Trust Service Forum

Ensuring the reliability and safety of Data and Services is an important agenda to make "Super-smart Society" happen, which is the goals of information policy the Ministry of General Affairs and communication. Japan Trust Service Forum, for which we are in charge of the management work, pursues improvement of the environment for realizing mutual approvements of Trust Services internationally.

 Accreditation Program for Time Stamps

Electronic signatures and time stamps are the fundamental technique to prove the authenticity of electronic documents.

We have the voluntary accreditation program for time-stamping services since February 2005, which enhance trust levels of the services and to contribute to the technical infrastructure of IT societies.

Anti-Spam Consultation Center (ASCC)

Our "Anti-Spam Consultation Center" provides receivers of spam with the consultation and gathers information on illegal advertising emails that violate The Act on Regulation of Transmission of Specified Electronic Mail (so-called "Anti-Spam Law").

We are working to create comfortable environments for email users through reporting information we have gathered to the Ministry of General Affairs and communications, Information Service Providers and foreign executive agencies.

We also work on the prevention of troubles caused by spam by letting email users know things to be careful of through the web pages, brochure, posters and attending events.

Protection of Personal Information

Handling of personal information has to be more careful than ever in the era of data processing via IoT and the accelerating global business circumstances. The Act on the Protection of Personal Information decides that a corporation which intends to render the services for personal information protection may receive accreditation from the Personal Information Protection Commission. We are the sole entity that received such certification in the area of the telecommunications industry. We are engaged in the dissemination of information on the proper handling of personal information and response to inquiries and complaints from our member companies.

PrivacyMark® Assessment

PrivacyMark is the system established and operated by JIPDEC, which grants the use of "The PrivacyMark" for those who are judged building the adequate system for protecting personal information in accordance with the Japanese Industrial Standard Q15001:2017 (JIS Q15001:2017).

"JIS Q15001:2017" is standardized the procedures for observing "the Act on the Protection of Personal Information" using the method of management system described by ISO.

We are working as one of the 18 authorized assessment entities certificated by JIPDEC and are executing more than three thousands of occasions of assessment for organizations, who are engaged in the telecommunications business and the related areas of telecommunications.

 * PrivacyMark and PrivacyMark System are registered trademarks of JIPDEC.