10th annual meeting of the London Action Plan (LAP10 Tokyo) was held in October 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. Taking that opportunity, this Anti-Spam Library is developed for everybody to understand Japanese anti-spam activities.

Anti-Spam Library

  • - Legal System Concerning Spam
  • - Technical Measures
  • - Measures through Public-Private Partnerships
  • - Framework Forenhancement of International Cooperation
  • - Other Relevant Policies

Anti-Spam Library webpages (Other coutries)

It is recommended that each lap member coutry will make Anti-Spam Library.



On October, 2004, government and public agencies from 27 countries responsible for enforcing laws concerning spam met in London to discuss international spam enforcement cooperation. Participants agreed to have regular meetings to exchange information on anti-spam activities and to promote international spam enforcement cooperation.
Since 2005, LAP(London Action Plan)meetings are held annually. After that, as a results of consultation with LAP members in 2016, in order to better reflect the aims of the LAP network and the type of work that the LAP does, agreement was obtained to change the name of the network to the Unsolicited Communications Enforcement Network (UCENet) as of 09 September 2016.
https://www.ucenet.org/(Website of the UCENET)

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